Template:Color Mystery Person Studios
Publisher(s) 60px
Template:Color Worldwide: 22/9/11
Genre Story Mode: Side scroller
Template:Color Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) MA 15+ (High Level Violence)
Template:Color Wii
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Advanced Killing Crew: Rise of the Sheriff is a game for Nintendo Wii, it was created by Mystery Person Studios, produced by Nintendo and released worldwide on the 22nd of September 2011.


5 Years after the events of Zombies Revenge, The sheriff was revived by unknown means and created a device that can keep someone alive and under his control, he decided to bring back certain antagonists to kill the remaining heroes that were alive, as soon as he brought them back he sent them out to attack the citizens of Nevada to grab their attention, but instead, they got the Army's attention and they retailiated by activating 3 previous projects, Thus creating the AKC. Some of the members infitrate the closest A.A.H.W faclity in order to gain information on the sheriff. Having no luck, other members head towards the Mafia's Base to see if they can get anything from there, after getting to Mitchel, Steven manages to make him talk, they head towards the building for the final battle.

On the way there the group's progress is hindered by Kary and the Gangleader, Omega, Xero and the Eliminator manages to break though the defences and the AKC make their way though the tower, taking care of the Smith Twins and Deputy along the way. After reaching the top, the AKC fight the Sheriff and come out triumphant, however the sheriff has one last trick up his sleave and activate a button causing all corpses in the world to combine and fuse with his body, causing Sheriff Tower to collapse. The AKC make it out alive and most members think the situation is hopeless after Blud tries to destory the creature with no avail. Blud then speaks of a legendary missile capable of destorying anything. The members spread out and look for the pieces of the missile, looking in the Icelands, Forest, Temple Ruins and the Graveyard. After the all the missile pieces have been found, The army starts to assemble it while the AKC hold the sheriff off using all their strength


Story ModeEdit

Hero Story:Edit

Play as the AKC in the main story find and kill the MEC.

Villian Story:Edit

Play as MEC and Fend off the AKC until the Sheriff's Plan is Complete.

Battle ModeEdit

Battle Mode has similar features to Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but instead of a damage counter, it is a health bar, each character has their own special move called an "End Attack" which can only be used once a certain amount of damage has inflicted to the opposing characters.

Flashback ModeEdit

Play the stories of the AKC members.


Playable in Hero StoryEdit

Character Weapon Advantage Image Description
Hank. J Wimbleton Melee 145px Due to being the Main Character of Madness Combat, and his high level killing spree, he was the first candidate for the AKC, However after this universe's counterpart had turned into MAG Hank, we got this Hank from an Alternate Universe
Sanford Melee 145px Only one of the 2 characters that survived against the Auditor. Sanford was our second candidate chosen.
Deimos Rifle 145px If Sanford was selected then it's obvious that his partner Deimos would be too, However since this universe's counterpart is dead, we got him from an alternate universe as well.

Jesus Christ

Melee 145px Jesus Christ was the last candidate chosen, only because he helped destroy the main improbobility Drive. We brought him back by fixing his halo.
Blud D. Mess SMG 145px Blud is another Candidate that was chosen but he was hard to get to due to him traveling the universe alot, Trying to find a worthy foe to fight his powers of a god. When he's enraged, he becomes Fury Blud, which Multiplies his powers by 4.
MAG Hank Unarmed 145px This universe' counterpart of Hank, MAG Hank, Due to temporary stealing the halo of the Auditor, His fist is imbued with electrical powers.

Kage Jason

Handgun Kage Jason All the way from Glen, Kage Jason was another candidate, but since he sacrificed himself to save his town 14 years ago, we had him off the list for a while, presuming that everyone there was dead, But thanks to Geso still having his hat after all this time, we brought him back.
Geso Explosive 145px Geso is the only one that remained alive from the event 14 years ago, Keeping Kage's Hat and one of Micheal Gas tanks was trying to find a way to bring them back. He worked with Steven (When he was human) in his labs on a revival machine.
Micheal Heavy weaponry Micheal is Traitor to the Mafia, and the Mafialeader's son, Micheal didn't like what his father was doing so he teamed up with Geso to help Kage. Unfortunately he cannot breathe oxygen and he died in an explosion. Until now he had remained dead.

Steven. O. Death

Hand Gun 145px Prior to all this Steven was a weapon scientist creating special weapons for the army. That is until Mitchel killed him, Geso found his dead body and had it as the perfect opportunity to test his machine. However something was wrong with it and Steven came back as a zombie, he was mentored by Geso so he can get his revenge on Mitchel.
Xero Melee 145px It is unknown where Xero comes from, he real name is unknown and he's a part of a project from somewhere else called project "Xero". Now a Cyborg, Xero displays great skills with melee weapons, combined with his fast speed, Makes him a suitible candidate for the AKC. He hates Omega, and wont retailiate in a fight with him.


Hand Guns 145px Omega comes from the same place as Xero, and his real name is also unknown, he was apart of a simular project to Xero's Titled "Omega". Omega Was the leader of the Omicron Squad before being nominated for it.
Steve Queenston (The Eliminator) Rifle Steven Queenston (Nicknamed: The Eliminator) was after the Gangleader for his money, that is before he was kill by him, twice. Since being revived by some unknown jesus-like figure, his only motive is revenge.
Al A. Sassin Melee 145px Another Protagonist of Nevada that wanted to kill the sheriff after losing the sheriff election to him 8 years ago. He was senctenced to death by electrocution, only for the CSI to find he died in an explosion, so neurosurgeons kept him in the tube for 8 years, before being full revived, he escaped the factility.
Sheldon D. Peters Handgun 145px Sheldon Darby Peters is a protagonist from Michigan who wanted to kill the sheriff of Michigan because his friend was killed by him by unknown reasons. He was one of the few that were lucky to get into the AKC.

Playable In Villan StoryEdit

Character Weapon Advantage Image Description
Tricky the Clown 145px The first obstacle of the AKC is Tricky the clown, an Insane Zombie clown that has the powers of improboblity on his side
The Auditor 145px The Auditor is the embodiment of Improbobility, and is the presumed creator of the improboblity drives that sent nevada into the wreak it is today.
Hellven Blud's Archenemy,the only character of the MEC that can have a long fight with him due to having the power over Heaven and Hell, he was called something else prior to finding the halo and horns.

The Mafialeader

Mitchel the Asassin


145px The only Female of the MEC and a robot created by Askad, She has a core designed to recharge each time she kills someone, her personaility was unstable and Askad was there to keep it in check, until he died, She became corrupt and wanted to wipe out all of humanity.
The Gangleader
The Smith twins Under normal curcumstances, these two would be viewed as comic relief due to both brothers being part blind. Both born in russia, they joined the Sheriff and ranked up together. They now are the sheriff's bodyguards.

The Deputy

The second in comand
The Sheriff 145px The Main antagonist, leader of the MEC and Hank's first target. The sheriff of nevada has be revived by unknown means and this time he's serious.

Story modeEdit

Hero MissionsEdit

Mission No.

Mission Title

Playable Character(s)




Clown Catastrophe

Hank, Sanford, Deimos

Tricky the Clown

A.A.H.W Facility


Into the Black Flames

MAG Hank, Jesus

The Auditor

A.A.H.W Facility


Heaven and Hell's Forces Combined

Blud D Mess


Mafia Building


Mafialeader's Revenge

Kage Jason

The Mafialeader

Mafia Building


Mutant Insanity

Geso, Micheal


Mafia Building


Assaination Attempt 2

Steven O. Death

Mitchel the Assassin

Mafia Building


Green Beams of Destruction

Xero, Omega




Steve wants his money

The Eliminator

The Gangleader



Ghostly Endeavours

Al A. Sassin

The Smith twins

Sheriff Tower


Deputy Department

Sheldon D Peters

The Deputy

Sheriff Tower


Sheriff Turmoil


The Sheriff

Sheriff Tower


Obtain the legendary missile pieces



Missions 12-15: Forest

Missions 16-20: Icelands

Missions 21-24: Temple Ruins

Missions 25-27: The Graveyard


The Sheriff falls again


Giant Sheriff

Sheriff Tower Ruins



How to obtain


Beat the level (Any Difficulty)


Beat the level without dying (Any Difficulty)


Beat the level without switching or dying


Beat the Level without switching or dying on medium


Beat the level without switching or dying on hard

Battle ModeEdit


Character Unlocking method Theme End Attack End attack desc.
Hank J. Wimbleton Unlocked at the Beginning MC7 Bullet Time Everyone but Hank slows down.
Sanford Unlocked at the Beginning Madness of the hatter Gone Fishing Sanford pulls out his siguture hook and throws them off-screen
Deimos Unlocked at the Beginning MC9 Heavy Weapons Deimos get an MG-42 and runs to the edge of the field, he then Fires a spray of bullets
Tricky the clown Beat Clown Catastrophe with a rank 3 or Beat Tricky's mission Train Madness Improbility Drive Tricky becomes Demon tricky, increasing his Strength, Speed and Damage resistance by 6
Jesus Christ Beat Into the Black Flames MC 8 Halo Power Jesus fires distigration beams in all directions, anyone who is hit is KOed
MAG Hank Beat Into the Black Flames Electro-punch Hank charges an electrical punch, when fully charged, he can smash an opponent off-screen
The Auditor Beat Into the Black Flames with a rank 3 or beat the auditor's mission MC10 Giant Crush The Auditor becomes giant then stomps all opponents
Blud D Mess Beat Heaven and Hell's Forces Combined


Meteor Doom Summons Meteors to fall on foes
Hellven Beat Heaven and Hell's Forces Combined with a rank 3 or beat Hellvens Mission Zombie Robot Mirror Copies the end attack of any opponent
Kage Jason Beat Mafialeader's Revenge Roadtrip Through the apocolypse Time slash

Kage Freezes time then slashes the opposition with a strong force, forcing them to fly off-screen

The Mafialeader Beat Mafialeader's Revenge with a rank 3 or beat the Mafialeader's Mission ShadowMan Hell spawn The Mafialeader summons Demons to attack foes
Geso Beat Mutant Insanity MC6.5 Missile Rain Geso fires missiles into the air, which lock on and attack foes
Micheal Beat Mutant Insanity Mutant Mutilation Micheal grabs one of his enemy with his claw hand and uses them like a bat to smash foes off-screen
Mike Beat Mutant Insanity with a rank 3 or Beat Mike's Mission Insane (No Vocals) Mega Shot Mike Charges his Hand shots to the point of overheating then fires a massive blast.
Steven O Death Beat Assaination Attempt 2 Fight or Flight Metal Punch Steven puts on his metal gloves, increasing his strength by 20
Mitchel the Assassin Beat Assaination Attempt 2 with a rank 3 or Beat Mitchel's Mission Ninja skills Mitchel Becomes invisible. making the foes confused, then assassinates them all.
Xero Beat Green Beams of Destruction Bow storm Xero rapidly fires electrical arrows in all directions
Omega Beat Green Beams of Destruction Gauntlet Punch Omega uses his gauntlets to destroy sections of the field
Kary-08 Beat Green Beams of Destruction with a rank 3 or Beat Kary's Mssion Antihero Beam blade Kary summons a weapon similar to the grim reapers sythe, she then expands it and slashes all characters off the field
The Eliminator Beat Steve wants his money The unknown figure A jesus-like figure comes and gives Steve a giant mace and the strength to hold it, anyone who is hit by the Mace will be instantly KO'd
The Gangleader Beat Steve wants his money with a rank 3 or Beat the Gangleaders Mission GET TO DA CHOPPA! The Gangleader jumps into his chopper, he fires missiles first, he then fires Gravy.
Al A Sassin Beat Ghostly endeavours Darksong2 Ghost... Al leaves his corpse for 5 minutes, Increasing his Power by 13
The Smith Twins Beat Ghostly Endeavours with a rank 3 or Beat the Twin's Mission Twin Power The twins become angry for 2 minutes, which increase their skills by 7
Sheldon D Peters Beat Deputy Department
The Deputy Beat the game Dark Deputy The deputy become stronger for 5 minutes
The Sheriff Beat the game with a rank 3 or complete the Villan Story Rise of the bighead Giant Sheriff The sheriff fills the screen, forcing the other characters to fall out.
Askad Beat Green Beams of Destruction with just Omega Knife Explosion Askad stabs himself with a special knife which causes an explosion, KOing himself in the process
Jayton Beat Steve wants his money without dying Gold Revolver Jayton uses his gold Revolver, Anyone who is hit is instantly KO'd
Link Beat Clown Catastrophe without dying
Ryder Beat Assaination Attempt 2 without Dying
Dr. Christoff Beat Into the Black Flames without Dying Nexus bolts Dr. Christoff fires Nexus Bolts, Instantly KO anyone it hits
Faec Man Beat Mutant insanity without dying No approval! Faec Man repeatedly says "Faec man no approve." and the words cause damage to any one who is hit by the subtitles.
GO3LM Beat the Villian Story without dying, switching characters with a rank 3 on easy mode GO3LM MK2 GO3LM becomes a GO3LM mk 2 for 4 minutes, making it have 4 time more power and Damage resistance
Madnesscrazy Beat the Hero Story without switching characters, Dying with a rank 4 on Medium mode With My Mind Dark Side Madnesscrazy turns into his dark side which he then send black lightning bolts at the enemies

Beat both storys without switching characters, dying and a rank 5 on Hard

Destruction Krinkels automatically annialates all foes, effectively ending the battle.


Item Effect Image
Hotdog Heals
Soda Heals
Handgun When picked up, a random handgun will spawn into hand
SMG When picked up, a random SMG will spawn into hand
Shotgun When picked up, a random Shotgun will spawn into hand

When Picked up, a random melee weapon will spawn into hand

Heavy weaponry When Picked up, a random heavy weapon will spawn into hand
Explosive when picked up, a random explosive will spawn into hand
MAG Chamber Characters will grow 3 times in size for 2 minutes, Damage Dealt will multiply by 3, Damage Taken will divided by 3.
Auditor essence Will increase characters strength for 2 minutes, if you have teamed with/are the Auditor, It'll last 5 minutes 145px
GO3LM Armor It will divide damage by 4 for 2 minutes, if you are teamed with/are a GO3LM, It'll last for 5 minutes. 145px
Energy Orb The "End attack" Bar will be instantly filled 145px


Name Hazard in locataion
Nevada lands None
The Tracks Trains will occasionly come and ram players
Auditor Tower Lightning Bolts will occasionly strike
MC7 Path Mag Agent: Torture will shoot you if you are in range.
Lower Valley MAG agent N will appear and damage anyone within range
Past Tower Abominations and Mag Agent: Gesalt will occasionly attack


Wii Remote without nunchuckEdit

  • Remote: Aim/ Slash
  • B Button: Shoot/ Punch
  • A button: Jump
  • + Button: Switch Character
  • - Button: Switch Character
  • 1 Button: End attack (Can only be used in Battle Mode)
  • Alt 1 Button: Pick Up/Drop/Swap weapon
  • 2 Button: Pause
  • D-Pad: Move

Wii remote with NunchuckEdit

  • Wii remote: Aim/Slash
  • B Button: Shoot/Punch
  • Z button: Jump
  • D-pad: Switch Characters
  • A Button: End Attack
  • 1 Button: Pick Up/Drop/Swap Weapon
  • 2 Button: Pause
  • Joystick: Move


  • Created By: Mystery person studios
  • Published By: Nintendo
  • Hank, Jesus, MAG Hank, Sanford, Deimos, The Auditor, Tricky, the Sheriff and Madness By: Matt "Krinkels" Jolly
  • Kage, Geso, Micheal, Steven, Blud, Hellven, Mitchel, The Mafialeader and Mike By: Madnesscrazy123
  • Xero, Kary, Omega and Askad By: Xionico
  • Al. A Sassin and the Deputy By: Shrinkz
  • The Eliminator and The gangleader by: Splurgle
  • Sheldon D Peters By: Crazymonkey
  • Most Music by: Sean "Cheshyre" Hodges
  • Madder by: Groove Armarda
  • With My Mind by: Cold


  • Hank: Locky
  • Sanford:
  • Deimos:
  • MAG Hank:
  • Jesus:
  • Blud: Blud D Mess
  • Kage: Blud D Mess
  • Steven: Blud D Mess
  • Micheal:
  • Geso:
  • Xero:
  • Omega:
  • Askad:
  • Al:
  • The Eliminator
  • Sheldon:
  • The Auditor:
  • Tricky:
  • The Mafialeader:
  • Mike:
  • Mitchel:
  • Hellven:
  • Kary:
  • The Deputy:
  • The Gangleader:
  • The Sheriff:

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