AL in Madness Mini 5

Al A Sassin is an OC made by Shrinkz and is the protagonist for Madness Mini, although most his past is a mistery, Al wanted run for sheriff but failed by one vote, Al believed that the current Sheriff belonged to a gang, 17 years before that event, enraged that he didn't get the Job, Al went to hunt down the sheriff.

Madness Mini 1

Al appears at the Sheriff's station, killing two grunts at the entrance with two knives, by throwing one at a grunts head then chopping the second ones head head off, one tries to sneek up from behind but get stabbed in the face. Another grunt attacks from the front and gets bashed then his head ripped off while another gets the same nightstick trown a his face. One comes in with a Deagle, Al realising he's in trouble grabs a dead body and uses it as a meat sheild