Darklord by darkminster-d4nd248

Darklord is a OC created by Darkminster.

Darklord a mighty warrior with no repect, no leader and shows no mersy. He has been the conquer of over 100's of villages along with his Black Knight's.mostly go alone how ever.

He came from the past and has come to return to the past and stop a his other evil rival Chronic from gaining control of the world so he can claim it for him self. Chronic in the future has control of a huge orgnizasion and has sent numbers and numbers of goons to take him down to stop him from returning to the past.

Even though Darklord has never seen guns and the new forms of weapons before he trys to make use of some of them while still relaying on his twin swords.

So fair Darklord has only made in pictures in the far future Darkminster will try to get help to animate him and learn how to animate himself.