Kage Jason is an OC created by Madnesscrazy, this was his Second OC, and is the protagonist for His Mafia Madness Series. He Has the control over time which is first shown in the first episod
DA version of Kage

Kage's Assumed Form for Mafia Madness 7

e of Mafia Madness. Kage was on the street since the age of 14, After his parents died in a car accident (Caused by the Mafialeader, the Antagonist for Mafia Madness) Kage was born with his time powers and used them to his advantage, by freezing time, breaking into someones house, stealing the things he needs, leave, then resume time to it's original state, leaving the owner of the stolen objects to beleve that they've misplaced the stolen items. At the age of 20, Kage Noticed he was stealing less and Less because the owners of the objects had less stuff to steal because of the new Mafia Gang stealing objects. Kage, angry about this, desides to fight against the Mafia, using his fighting skills he learned on the street, a switchblade knife, and a few other stolen weapons and enters the Mafia Base and fights them, after killing Mike, the Assistant Mafialeader. The true Mafialeader seemingly "kills" Kage by shooting him in the jaw with a deagle, this didn't kill him, but made him lose his capability of speech.