Madness Combat Profile:


Ares Shrike sent by the Higher Powers to destroy every single Improbability Drive and is very determined to complete his goal.

Primary Weapons Used: FN FAL, M16, G36, TAC-50, Armsel Striker Shotgun, OA-93, Tec-9, Uzi, P90, AK-47, Mossberg 500, UMP, RPG-7, Remington 870.

Secondy Weapons Used: OTs-33, Luger P08, Automag V, S&W 500, 1911A1 Custom, Colt Revolver, Desert Eagle.

Melee Weapons Used: Dragon sword, Dual Daggers, trench knives, Megachette, Kunai, L337 sword.

Compainion Jason J. Lucas [2]

Met At Market M ( Simular To Club M) Jason and Ares Have Formed A Great Team, With Posters Showing Both Of Them Wanted for Over 500,000$, Many l33t Agents Killed, The 3 Improbability Drive's are soon to meet a Demise!

Primary Weapons Used: P90, FN FAL, AK-47, Sawed-off, SPAS-12, K6-92, Vector, AT4, M60, TMP, TAR-21, L22, AK-74U, AS Val, Benelli M4.

Secondary Weapons Used: S&W 500 Snub, Beretta 92, Glock 18C, MK-23, PPK, Desert Eagle.

Melee Weapons Used: Axe, Taser, Binary sword, Bowie knife, Hunting sword, Fiber wire.