Template:Color Mystery Person Studios
Publisher(s) 60px
Template:Color 25/12/12
Genre 2.5D Adventure
Template:Color Single Player Adventure, Multiplayer Adventure, Mini games
Rating(s) PG
Template:Color Wii
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Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2: T'was the demon on christmas (or MC adventure 2) is a game for the Wii, Like the orignial, it was created by Mystery Person Studios and Published by Nintendo and released world-wide on Christmas 2012. The game play style remains the same as the first but the charcters are now 3D.

New FeaturesEdit

  • Multiplayer is introduced in the game
  • Jack, Pash and Shadowman become a part of the series
  • Minigames are introduced
  • An Upgrade system
  • 3D mode




Madnesscrazy's adventure 2 retains most of it's gameplay style from the first game, with an additional mode for players who play as Madnesscrazy, Dark Mode, this is attained though a dark bar, which fills up each time he takes damage, once a certain amount of damage has been received, Dark mode can be activated by pressing A+B at the same time. Once in dark mode, Madnesscrazy can use fire and lightning to his comand, using either however will wear down the dark bar until it's empty where Madnesscrazy reverts to normal, he can also return to normal if the player presses the A+B buttons for a second time. Upon completing the game there's a mode called 3-D mode where the levels can be played in 3-D landscape style, upon playing 3-D the movement controls change and secret areas and upgrades are unlocked, but are only found in level.

Minigame modeEdit


The Characters of MC Adventure 2


Name Description Image
Madnesscrazy The main character of the game and player one plays as him. Since the first game he's grown up a bit and has learned to control his newly attained dark form 250px
Jack Voorhees The secondary character and player 2 plays as him. 178px
Pash Mina A female friend of madnesscrazy that acts as a guide and if the level cannot be completed within a 10 tries, she will complete the level for you. Player 3 will play as her in the minigames 194px
Shadowman The Antagonist for this game. It has a simular appearance appearance to a skeleton and he has green and black flame aura. Player 4 will play as it in the minigames. 250px


Hazard Madnesscrazy's Description Image
Pits "Oh look, pits, I have no idea why i imagine these things.I guess it's a part of adventuring"
Collapsing platforms "These things work like normal platforms, until you've stood on them too long."
Spikes "VERY ORIGINAL, not, seen in almost every adventure game."
Spike balls "Dem spike balls are rollin'."

Character ControlsEdit


  • D-Pad = Move
  • A Button = Jump
    • In Mid Air: Double Jump
  • B button = Slide
    • In Mid Air: Body Slam
  • + Button = Pause
  • - Button = Statisics


  • 1 Button = Punch
    • In Mid Air: Diving Punch
    • While Sliding: Uppercut
  • 2 Button = Kick
    • In Mid Air: Sky Kick
    • When Sliding: Slide Kick

Dark MadnesscrazyEdit

  • 1 Button = Fire Blast
    • Mid air: Flame Wave
    • Sliding: Incineration
  • 2 Button = Electric Shock
    • Mid air: Thunder storm
    • Sliding: Zap Hazard


  • Button 1: Punch
    • In mid air: Skull Smash
    • Sliding: Cripple (Slows down foes if doesn't Kill)
  • Button 2: Machette
    • In mid-air: Skull Split
    • Sliding: PAIN!




Madnesscrazy: Blud D Mess




Level designEdit


Level designer:

Character designEdit

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3D artist:


Main character coding:

Enemy Coding: