The list of Bosses and Enemies for Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2


Name Madnesscrazy's Description Image Locations
Thunderstorm "A really big Monster that lives in the clouds." Hub 3
Cyb3rrrrrr "A glitch that goes: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR until tomorrow, too bad tomorrow never comes." Hub 4
Shadowman "The guy behind all this, I'm going to bring him down and hopefully he stays down." Hub 5


Name Madnesscrazy's description Image
Batterang "No, it's not's batman's throwing things, It's a bat that throws itself like a boomerang."

Living Test Paper

"I loathe these things."
Jawbreakers "What the...? They still remain in my dreams?"
Clapper "Two hands that clap, normally wouldn't do anything, unless you are between them."