The Characters upgrades for Madnesscrazy's Adventure

Madnesscrazy's upgradesEdit

Upgrade name Image Description Cost
Punchies 140px Provides a more powerful punch
Rapid punches Punches has less cooldown time
Great Punches Punches can be charged
Fists-in-da-face Allows Punch combos
Better Kicks Kicks do more damage and are more accurate
Quick feet Kicks are faster and allows kick combos
Flip-kick Kicks can be charged, Madnesscrazy will do a backflip afterwards
Beat down Punches and Kicks and be used in combos
Anger-management-won't-work Allows the dark form Bar to be filled faster

Dark form UpgradesEdit

Upgrade name Image Description Cost Requirements
Fire Bomb Fire blasts become more powerful None
Fire Fury Fire Blasts can be used more often and have reduces less on the Dark Bar Requires Fire Bomb Upgrade
Fire Nuke Fire blasts can be charged. Once a charged fire blast hits an enemy, nearby enemies will be killed. (Will not kill bosses, but will do a fair amount of damage to them) Requires Fire Fury Upgrade
Flame Cross Fires two flame waves in a cross motion None
Rapid Flames Allow many flame waves to be fired as long as he is in the air. Requires Flame Cross upgrade
Blaze Line Causes a small row of embers None
Fire Tower The small embers Become towers of fire for a period of time Requires Blaze Line upgrade
Electrocution any enemies near the one who was hit by an electric shock will be damaged None
ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Electric Shocks can be fired at a faster rate and take less off the dark bar Requires Electrocution Upgrade
Lightning Fury Electric Shock can be charge which it will hit multiple enemies Requires ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!
Blue Lightning The electricity from thunder storm becomes more powerful None
Serious Storm Lightning strike come faster Requires Blue Lightning
Zap Barrier creates a small wall of lightning that electrocutes nearby enemies None
Wall-o-lightning Creates a larger wall of lightning that sweaps across the screen Requires Zap Barrier
Blind Rage Allows the character to stay in dark form for a longer period of time Beat the game with Madnesscrazy fully upgraded

Jack's UpgradesEdit

Upgrade name Image Description