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Publisher(s) 60px
Template:Color 6/1/12
Genre 2D Adventure
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Rating(s) PG
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Media Disc

Madnesscrazy's Adventure is a game for Nintendo Wii, it was created by Mystery Person Studios, produced by Nintendo and released worldwide on the 6th of January 2012. It has a similar gameplay style to the 2nd and 3rd Crash Bandicoot games except in 2D.


Madnesscrazy is constantly haunted by Slenderman in his nightmares, one night Madnesscrazy decides he has had enough and wants to banish Slenderman from his dreams for good and challenges him. Slenderman delightfully agrees and gives Madnesscrazy until morning to defeat him, if Mc fails or back out, Slenderman will trap him in a perminate nightmare, leaving his real world self in a coma, having no choice, Madnesscrazy accepts and jumps into the portal to start his adventure.

Ending ((Without all dream gems))

Slenderman falls off his platform and into the never-ending nightmare abyss. Madnesscrazy celebrates and wakes up from his dream, the next night though, he is tormented by Slenderman once again. "You got lucky..." Is heard from Slenderman.

Ending ((With all dream gems))

Slenderman falls off elevated platform falling into the never-ending abyss, Madnesscrazy celebrates and attempts to wake himself up, finding out he is unable to. A sinister laugher is heard and Slenderman rises from the abyss and absorbs 24 of the 25 dream gems, transforming into Final Nightmare, He swings one of his giant arms in attempt to crush Madnesscrazy but the remaining dream gem ((The first one collected)) instead goes into Mc's Body, turning him into Dark Madnesscrazy, Which then he lifts the arm off him, feeling no pain. "Well then let's try this again!" Madnesscrazy says rising to his feet and ready to fight.

Ending ((Final Nightmare's Defeat))

Jumping to the highest platform, a wounded Dark Madnesscrazy looks down at the equally wounded Final Nightmare and loads up an ultimate punch, he yells "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" as he strikes Final Nightmare on the head, causing the 24 dream gems to burst out and Slenderman reverting to his normal state and defeated. Madnesscrazy looks at the being and locks him in a unbreakable cage which drains Slenderman of his power. The cage is thrown into the depths of Madnesscrazy's mind, satified, Madnesscrazy wakes up and watches the sun rise. "It's finally over..."


Madnesscrazy's adventure is a 2D Platformer, you play as Madnesscrazy, the main goal being to make it through each level, clearing obsticles, avoiding hazards, defeating enemies and fighting the boss at the end of each HUB with the option of collecting dream gems. Dream gems are neccisarry for a 100% completion as it unlocks the absolute final ending of the game.

There is an advanced mode for players who beat the game the first time around, in this enemies and bosses HP are doubled, and the rate enemies attack are doubled, this mode again requires you to re-collect the 25 dream gems and re-defeat Final Nightmare.


Name Description Image
Madnesscrazy The main protagonist of the game. He is a 15 year old boy from the town of Glen who is constantly haunted by Slenderman in his dreams. Having enough of this, he desides to go against Slenderman and banish him from his dreams. 250px
Chomper The first boss of the game. It has the appearance of a giant mechanical bulldog.
Giant Cactus The Second boss of the game. He looks like 3 cacti fused, One for the main body, two for for the hands.
Electro-Spider The third boss of the game. A realistic looking spider with two lightning conductors on it's back.
Magma Jaw The fourth boss of the game. Found in the Volcano HUB He looks like a dragon made of lava, minus his Jaw which is made of magma. He acts as a furnace for the machine.
Slenderman The antagonist and "final" boss of the game. He haunts Madnesscrazy through his dreams and has organised the course that Madnesscrazy has to complete Slenderman will send a tauting message each time you die in the game. Once all 25 Dream gems are obtained, he transforms.


Hazards & Obsticles

The list of Hazards and Obsticles that will make the road to beating the game a difficult one

Hazard Madnesscrazy's Description Hub Found in
Pits "What's an adventure without pits? Not a very good one..." All
Barriers "A nice solid Barrier, Broken with a punch." All
Eletrified Barrier "Better find a button for this, touching this will hurt." Volcano
Nightmare Barrier "Punching it won't work, and there's no button around, but there's a considerable amount of enemies guarding it..." Nightmare
Spikes "Be careful, they'll get to the point." *Akward laugh* Dream, Desert and Volcano
Falling Platforms "Don't stand for too long, or you'll regret it." All


Hub 1: Dream

The first HUB of the game, Most platforms look like clouds. Most enemies are simple to kill enemies and don't pose much of a threat to MC.

1-1: The Begining of a Dream

Known as the tutorial Level. This Level Goes though MC's controls.

1-2: Cloud Jumpin'

1-3: Let's Slide

1-4: Rocky Road

1-5: Big Dog

Boss: Rows of Teeth

Boss Name: Chomper

Hp: 3

Opening cutscene:

Madnesscrazy walks toward the next HUB when a giant crate is dropped behind him by a helicopter, as the crate lands, it shatters, revealing Chomper, the giant mechanical bulldog then begins to chase after Madnesscrazy.


Rows of Teeth is a chase level where you are chased by Chomper for the level. At parts of the level there will be a button which brings down an iron door and causes a rockslide to fall on Chomper, damaging him. After the rockslide, Chomper, gets enraged breaks through the door and picks up his pace. On the final rockslide, Chomper malfunctions and explodes, the blast knocking Madnesscrazy down into the Desert where the next set of levels begin.

Hub 2: Desert

The second HUB, it takes place in a desert with Orange Sand.

2-1: Sand in shoes

2-2: Truckin'

2-3: Shallow Water

2-4: Eat my Dust

2-5: Sandstorm

Boss: Plant with a Spine

Boss Name: Giant Cactus

Hub 3: Bugs

The third HUB of the game, it takes place in a giant forest. Most enemies here are insects.

3-1: Insectiside

3-2: Buggy

3-3: Crawlin'

3-4: Ant Hill

3-5: Fly like insects

Boss: Spider Food

Boss Name: Electro-Spider

Hub 4: Volcano

4-1: Volcanic

4-2: Ooh, Burn.

4-3: Fiery Frenzy

4-4: Fireballz

4-5: Mountain of Fire

Boss: Volcanic Rise

Boss Name: Magma Jaw

Hub 5: The Nightmare Realm

5-1: Welcome to your greatest fear.

5-2: Ghost Toast

5-3: Chase and Race

5-4: Hole of Nightmares

5-5: The end is Nigh.

Boss: Slender Time

Boss Name: Slenderman

Hp: 5

Opening cutscene:


For the Entire fight, Slenderman stands on platforms and uses his tendrils to attack Madnesscrazy from a distance. Madnesscrazy must avoid these and punch Slenderman down off his platform, the path to him get's progressively more difficult as Slenderman's attack rate increases, with Hazards, Enemies and Obsticles from all 5 HUBS appearing on the path.

Ultimate Final Boss

Boss Name: Final Nightmare

If you defeat Slenderman after obtaining all 25 dream gems in the game, a hidden cutscene will play, where Slenderman becomes the ultimate final boss, Final Nightmare, Madnesscrazy will also transform into Dark Madnesscrazy for the first time. Final Nightmare has 20 HP and after every 5 points lost, he gains a new attack.

He initally starts with physical attacks, which include slaming with his tendrils, destroying platforms and swinging at Madnesscrazy. After he slams with his tendrils, he tires out, giving Madnesscrazy a chance of attacking. After knocking 5 points off his health, he then adds shooting beams from his eyes into his attack patterns. After knocking him to 10HP he will spawn enemies and box you inside a nightmare barrier, if he doesn't defeat all the enemies, Final nightmare will swing at you, killing the enemies and causing you damage. on his last 5 hit points, Final nightmare will let a roar which causes a rockslide, hiding under platforms is the easiest method to dodge this. When Final nightmare will use a move which will destroy the platform you're standing on and any next to and below it, where if the player doesn't react in time, will cause Madnesscrazy fall to his death, and starting the fight from the start again.


  • D-Pad = Move
  • A Button = Jump
    • In Mid Air: Double Jump
  • 1 Button = Punch
    • In Mid Air: Diving Punch
    • While Sliding: Uppercut
  • 2 Button = Kick
    • In Mid Air: Sky Kick
    • When Sliding: Slide Kick
  • B button = Slide
    • In Mid Air: Body Slam
  • + Button = Pause
  • - Button = Statisics


Mwah ha ha ha
Slenderman, when you die
Please, the Suspence is killing me
The girl from slender can put up a better fight
Looks like you'll be stuck here forever! MWAH HA HA HA HA HA!
Slenderman, when you get a game over

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  • Created By: Mystery Person Studios
  • Produced By: Nintendo


  • Madnesscrazy: Madnesscrazy
  • Chomper:
  • Giant Cactus:
  • Electro-Spider:
  • Magma Jaw:
  • Slenderman:


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  • Even though Chomper is the first boss of the game, It originates from the Volcano HUB