Template:Company-infoboxMystery Person Studios is a 3rd party company who occasionly work with nintendo. The company also produces Flash animations and provides some animation for games.



Mystery Person Studios sometimes produces games for Nintendo consoles:


Mystery Person Studios mainly produces Flash Animations:


Works in progressEdit

  • Mafia Madness 4: Revival
    • Percentage Complete: 42%
  • Mafia Madness 2.5
    • Percentage Complete: 2%

Members and RolesEdit

  • Template:User (Founder, Animator, Game Maker, Voice Actor, Art Maker)


Mystery Person Studios was created By Blud D Mess in 2011. The reason he called his company this is because of his unknown real name, determined to keep it hidden to this day; no one still knows his real name. They showed the idea of AKC: Rise of the Sheriff to Nintendo, and the company thought it was an good idea and let them produce the game. On the 6th of January 2012, They released another Game, Named Madnesscrazy's adventure. the company consisted of one person until 11/5/2012