Pash Mina
Pash as she appears in MC Adventure 2: T'was the demon on christmas
Current Age 17
Date of Birth 03/15/1996
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Hero, Guide
First Appearance MC Adventure 2: T'was the demon on christmas

Pash Mina is a female friend of Madnesscrazy. She will complete the level for you after dying a certain amount of times and she is also the third player in the minigames of Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2


Pash was born in France and at the age of 15, she had to move to Nevada because her parents were killed by a young teenager called Damien. She worked for the Sheriff for 2 years, during this time. In Madnesscrazy's Adventure 2, Pash helps out the pair being a level guide.

Personality and Appearance

Pash is funny, cute and can be very sadistic. Pash appears in a fanfiction "PattyCake" made by PrancerPie, her original creator. She appears to be a very very sadistic person who likes to torture grunts and use their blood for making coke and candies. Pash appears as the main character in "The Creator's creations" game. She also has an obsession with Coke-a-cola.

Pash is considered to be the "little chubby" of the group.

Pash wears a large black shirt, green camo (Army) pants, big grey boots and red goggles. She has eyes that are pure blue and she has dark-coloured haired. She's nice, cute, kind, sadistic, lazy and insensitive. She also hates Mascot, the Creator's partner and loves to laugh at him because he looks like a girl. She is often shown to be very mischievous in her relation with the Sheriff.


Pashie's ability Include

Game Appearances