The Madness Assassin art by Tarantulakid96.

The Madness Assassin is an OC created by Tarantulakid96.

The assassin, whose name is currently unknown, has so far appeared in 2 animation tests. Tarantulakid96 has stated here that he and Madmanaryf will be working on producing The Madness Assassin, the first full length animation featuring him. Tarantulakid96 will be doing art and plot, Madmanaryf will animate the animation. It will be released by around Madness Day.

It is unknown if Tarantulakid96 is still working on a third test.


Madness Assasin Test

Mispelled "Assasin", the original test was made using drawn sprites using the brush tool, and was generally received as very slow, but with potential to become better. The original sprite was a combination of 1337 agent shades, Deimos' body, and Sanford's lip. The animation consisted of the assassin creeping up behind a 1337 agent and stabbing him twice to kill him. The assassin then turns to the camera and smiles. Many judged the animation well and gave critisism and suggestions for future animations.

Madness Assasin Test on Newgrounds

Madness Assassin Test 2

The second test, receiving somewhat less attention than the original, was animated using official sprites. The assassin's sprite was also re-drawn using the appropriate tools, and was given a more personalized body that was more different than Deimos. The second test continues directly after the first one, with the dead corpse. An explosion then occurs, and the assassin pulls out a pistol and shoots. After hitting an agent off screen, another agent comes from behind in an attempt to tackle the assassin. However, his attempts are futile, and is then killed. The assassin then looks toward the camera and smiles. The animation was said to be better than the first, but still required a faster frame rate.

Madness Assassin Test 2 on Newgrounds